Acrylic and Textile artwork titled Purification II

Leah Hicks is an Ottawa based abstract, multimedia artist, whose artwork embodies movement, depth, and natural form. In 2005 a catastrophic car accident left Leah with a traumatic brain injury. Trauma turned her passion for art into salvation, a way to express herself and heal.

Through the process of healing, her artwork had to adapt. Leah once used her dominant right hand, and since has learned to paint with her left. These challenges have inspired Leah and her artwork celebrates this victory and path to remodeling her life and artistic inspiration.

Over the years, Leah has experimented with many mediums and found textile after her journey to recovery. Due to dexterity issues, she doesn’t have the same precision she once had and has found textile to be a highly moldable medium through which she can achieve the sense of energy, depth and movement she aims for. Through textile, Leah aims to portray natural, organic forms loosely reminiscent of flowers.

Collection: Hicks, Leah