Collection: Bergevin, Viviane

Viviane Bergevin is a Canadian abstract artist from Ottawa, ON. Painting abstract landscape, Viviane’s art is strongly influenced by her love of travel and the beauty of the natural world, taking inspiration from cities and countries all around. Her sense of adventure, appreciation for our environment is at the centre of her work.

Viviane began painting in 2014, in search of a creative outlet. Growing up with a Parisen background, Viviane has been surrounded by art and creativity from a young age. A young mom of three children, with a demanding career led her to explore this part of her upbringing. She began by taking courses at the Ottawa School of Art, and her love for painting quickly grew into a second career.

A scientist by profession, her two paths are full of contrast. Structure, processes and rules in science, followed by free form, emotions, and intuitive actions in art. Much of her artistic style has been informed by her scientific background, craving that flexibility and intuitive action. Being able to be guided by feeling, the ability to change your mind, wipe the canvas clean, and start again.

Viviane paints intuitively, not conforming to one specific style or subject, but rather works in series, focusing on different themes within landscape. This may be beaches, the differing Canadian terrain, sunsets in Thailand, the mountains in Iceland and so on. Her love of travel has taken her around the world, with her husband and children, seeing completely different and thrilling places.

Her series often highlight that while our varying landscapes may appear different; different  colours, different foliage, different terrain, they are also all very much the same. We all see and experience the same sunrise and sunset, over an ocean or lake, mountains or fields. We are all connected through our landscape.