Art for Lisa Mace is a genuine and personal reflection of her relationship with the natural world. Living in rural Apsley, in the middle of one hundred acres of forest, Lisa paints the world around her. Jack pines, full maples, wild flowers and rural homes, Lisa paints what is found outside her front door.

Lisa’s work is intended to invoke memories of childlike abandon and joy, where ones mind can find comfort in serenity. There is a real sense of nostalgia in Lisa’s subjects. Whether her tree’s remind of your front yard, her little houses of your childhood home, there is something identifiable in each of Lisa’s paintings. Lisa’s work reflects the way that she lives; her subjects are simple and understated.

“The chaos and tragedy of modern society can leave us feeling helpless and fearful. Much like the wisdom that comes with age and experience, my paintings are richly varied as they explore pattern, texture and colour. I draw inspiration from the Canadian wilds. My role is not to simply re-create landscapes but to provide a deep impression of nature’s healing qualities through the use of pattern and form.”

Collection: Mace, Lisa