Katherine Muir Miller's fascination with color is a driving force in her paintings. Her connection with nature and extraordinary sense of vibrant colors in her beloved Canadian landscapes, are reflected in her bold, colorful, playful interpretations on canvas.

Katherine’s pieces capture memories of cross-Canada travel. Vintage elegance can be seen in her impressionistic realism pieces of recognizable landscapes. She wants the viewer to feel movement, mood and simplicity in her work.

“It’s all about the story behind the painting, that’s what inspires me”. Capturing the life adventures of friends, family and clients is the inspiration for Katherine’s original works. When people connect their treasured memories with one of her paintings, it is the greatest pleasure of all.

Katherine studied at the Ottawa School of Art and has been mentored by a range of gifted artists. Her work is represented in a number of galleries and private collections. Like her iconic pines, Katherine’s artistic style is one of evolution, rooted in the promise of possibility and continually growing in ways she never imagined.

Collection: Miller, Katherine Muir