Collection: Forrester, Gabriel

Santini Gallery | In the Park

Painter and cartoonist Gabriel Forrester is inspired by his daily surroundings, living and working in downtown Ottawa. Painting whimsical and expressive scenes of the Capital of Canada, his most common subjects include the Rideau Canal, Parliament Hill, and the Byward Market, portrayed with a sense of playfullness. Occasionally, Gabriel also paints scenes other cities, including Toronto and Montreal.

Broad brush strokes, bold colour, thick and textured paint with an impressionist feel characterize his work. Taking cues from the surrealists, like Dali and Escher, Gabriel works dreamlike elements into his paintings in an purposefully unrestrained manner. Giant snowflakes, yellow hills, perfect crescent moons and stars add a charming and joyful quality to his work that is distinctively his own vision of our Capital.