Thibault, Erin

Erin Thibault's creativity is sourced from her deep connection to nature and wild spaces. Her landscape paintings are often done from memory alone and invoke a dream like quality. Having lived in very diverse climates, including Arizona and the Gulf of Mexico and now finally back to her home in Canada, Erin's palette has undergone changes with each place and climate as they have influenced her work. She still plays with the warm shades of Arizona and Mexico and the cool earthy tones of Canada. She revives her own memory of the places that she's lived through her art as have left an imprint upon her.

Primarily a self taught artist, Erin began experimenting with oil painting with a keen sense of play guiding her brushstrokes and style. It's only now she admits “I am circling back to the beginning, to see the steps I’ve missed along the way, learning the fine art of the stages of oil and how it is used. I am now able to intentionally create an atmosphere and mood that I am seeing and want to convey.”  She claims “Learning about art and painting is a lifetime of work and I can only bring my appreciation and a keen sense of curiosity and play.”

Erin has studied under various artists and attended the artist retreat, Workshops in France. She teaches workshops in Chelsea and enjoys sharing her love of art with others. “As children we all created and it is in each and every one of us to do so.”

Nature, trees and the land is her True North. She wonders “Can we learn to harness this planet's incredible resources and diversity while at the same time honoring her, our most important home?"

Erin now lives in Chelsea, Quebec, surrounded by the forest she loves. She watches the changing seasons, welcomes them all and paints in her light filled studio looking out to the river.