Amanda Pierce is a Cree Métis contemporary encaustic and sculpture artist. Her work is eclectic and stems from an intuitive and subconscious process. Her work isn’t about a specific scene, rather it's a distillation of memories from paths traveled. Some of these journeys are from the prairies where she grew up, Quebec where she now resides and from time spent traveling.

"I carefully build up many layers of encaustic medium to create depth, texture and translucency. I then carve into these layers to the underpainting below, revealing the goodness and light hidden over time. This process magically transforms my paintings. It’s as if the carefully constructed layers represent the way life causes us to hide and protect our inner selves. All these marks and imperfections portray life experience; love, sorrow, joy, pain, forgiveness, wisdom and completeness. I want that viewer to see my paintings infused with their own emotions and memories.”

Collection: Pierce, Amanda