Woven Dreams by Leah Hicks

Woven Dreams by Leah Hicks

Time: Feb 02, 2020 

Location: 422 1/2 Preston Street Ottawa, Ontario

Leah Hicks artwork and story is nothing short of inpspiring. The story of how she recovered from and overcame her circumstances, and used it as fuel for her passion and art is something you can truly feel when looking at her artwork. In 2005, a catastrophic car accident left Leah with damage to all 4 lobes. She was unable to speak clearly, move the same way, she suffered limb weakness and more. Leah painted before the accident, but upon relearning all of these skills, she could also no longer paint as she once did.

After years of physical therapy, even changing from the use of her right to her left hand, Leah also adapted her artisitc style. Layers of fabric and paint create powerful organic shapes with subtle hints of representation in the form of flowers and the human figure. Full of movement, texture that bounces off the canvas, and a sense of illumination, her artwork is something special to see.

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