Sa belle lumiere : Lightscapes of Point Amour by Jenn Thornhill Verma

Sa belle lumiere : Lightscapes of Point Amour by Jenn Thornhill Verma

Sa belle lumière: Lightscapes of Point Amour 
by Jenn Thornhill Verma 
Presented by Point Amour Lighthouse and Santini Gallery (runs summer 2022)

The thin slab that is the Northern tip of Newfoundland is all that interrupts legions of blue under the domed roof of the lantern room. And yet, as dazzling as the horizon is, the light that shines from within the stone tower is even more brilliant. There, hundreds of pieces of cut glass intensify the beacon, casting its light far and wide.

Sa belle lumière: Lightscapes of Point Amour is an expression of love for the light from within. Brushstrokes like cut glass carry the light of this Labrador landscape using unexpected, playful hues. 

A hundred years after her great grandmother, Lucy Bolger, worked as a maid servant at Point Amour, the artist, Jenn Thornhill Verma returned to walk in her footsteps and follow her light. Sa belle lumière is also a nod to Lucy, one of the light-station staff who responded to the crash of the HMS Raleigh, on August 8, 1922, when the ship ran aground in the shallow waters of Forteau Bay, about 0.5 km south of Point Amour Lighthouse. 

Last September, the artist set up her oil paints beneath the tower in the gallery space where the collection is featured. In 2021, an exhibit was not on her mind, but inspired by Lucy, the lighthouse and Labrador too, the artist’s visible brushstrokes, distinct on the canvas, became one landscape, then another and another. 

Sa belle lumière: Lightscapes of Point Amour is a collection of oil landscapes on canvas, all custom (maple) framed. The exhibit draws inspiration from vantage points on and around the light-station – from L’Anse Amour to the light-tower itself.

View Jenn's digital art gallery experience, where visitors can see the vantage points that inspired each painting. All artwork is available online and for purchase here. Please inquire for additonal information regarding sales and shipping. 

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