EMOTION: A collection on the artistic process

EMOTION: A collection on the artistic process

Giuseppe Martino’s newest collection explores the distinct stages of creating, each work representing an emotional phase of the artistic process. 

It begins with inspiration gathered through his surroundings (Aurora), followed by the spark of an initial idea or that moment of magic (In that Moment). 

What comes next is the excitement of seeing a piece progress (Gaining Momentum), and then the occasional challenges and setbacks all artists experience (Losing Ground). 

Finally, we see the stages of overcoming those challenges (Breakthrough) and the satisfaction after all is said and done (When the Dust Settles).

Each work represents an emotional stage that an artist works through to find the end result. Guided by emotion, Giuseppe uses the rich symbolism of colour and free flowing, sweeping movement to express himself. The outcome is powerful, yet clean, minimal design, hyper focused on bold movement, texture and palette. 

Currently on display at Santini Gallery and available online. 

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