Dreamscapes by Erin Thibault-Morphy

Dreamscapes by Erin Thibault-Morphy

Time: Oct 3, 2019

Location: 422 1/2 Preston Street Ottawa, Ontario

For Erin Thibault-Morphy, earths natural beauty cannot be reproduced; rather than emulate her surroundings, she aims to capture a fleeting moment and the feeling that comes with it.

Her paintings are loose and full of blended colour, capturing the effects of dappled light. The way the sunlight hits the water, the sunrise creeping over the hills, it all lasts only a moment before it changes. These fleeting moments of light and beauty are what inspire Erin’s work most. “Life is made up of all these moments strung together, some light and some dark, but much like a flash of sunlight, you cannot hold on to them, only be present in each one. We are gifted with these moments daily, sunrises and sunsets, the sound of rain, a glistening lake…we just need to be present and grateful for them.” Erin feels a deep connection to the natural world and aims to honour its awe-inspiring beauty through her art.

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