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The Gift of Local

Now on Display

The Gift of Local features a full range of gallery artists and artisans, styles and price points. Whether you’re looking for thoughtful holiday gifts, like handmade candles and jewellery, curated gift sets, or artwork small and large, we have something [More Details]

Coastal Reflections by Jenn Thornhill Verma

On display November 12th - 26th

Coastal Reflections: Perched cliffside, overlooking the Northwest Atlantic are the coastal communities of Newfoundland and Labrador. Stages, sheds and saltbox houses have outlasted a hundred years of inclement weather and fishery closures. Offering a view to the past, coastal reflections [More Details]


On Display Now

Find the perfect size for your space at our fall group exhibit, titled S/M/L ~ Small Medium Large! We have a full range of styles, subjects and colour palettes with a little something for everyone! Currently featuring both 12″x12″s and [More Details]

For the Love of SEAnery by Jenn Thornhill Verma

Now on Display

For the Love of SEAnery by Jenn Thornhill Verma features oil-on-canvas landscapes of outport and coastal communities in all of their perfectly imperfect glory – clapboard saltbox houses, hand-made wooden dories and skiffs, crooked wharves and docks, broken and bent [More Details]

Wild Heart by Kate Ryckman

Opening June 1st, by appointment.

Wild Heart by Kate Ryckman celebrates the simple, yet complicated beauty of florals in their perfectly imperfect form. Working with a darker, moodier palette Kate’s most recent collection is filled with deep blues, emeralds and plums, playing with the power [More Details]

Woven Dreams by Leah Hicks

On display March 3rd-21st. Opening reception Saturday, March 7th 2-4pm.

Leah Hicks artwork and story is nothing short of inpspiring. The story of how she recovered from and overcame her circumstances, and used it as fuel for her passion and art is something you can truly feel when looking at [More Details]

Colourfully Canadian By Sara Alex Mullen

On display February 11th-29th. Meet the artist February 15th 12-4pm, where she will be painting live.

Colourfully Canadian by Sara Alex Mullen explores familiar and nostalgic Canadian landscapes, reminiscent of time spent cottaging, hiking, and exploring our diverse and beautiful land. Scenes of lakes, forests, and fields come to life using vibrant colours, bold brustrokes, and [More Details]

Downhome Seascapes by Jenn Thornhill Verma

Opening reception Wednesday, November 6th 6-8pm. On display November 5th-23rd.

Thornhill Verma’s oil landscapes are an ode to the coastlines of Newfoundland and Labrador where she grew up and still considers home. Downhome, as locals call it, has endless seascapes that nook and cranny, dip and bob, pleasing to the [More Details]

Dreamscapes by Erin Thibault-Morphy

On display October 15th-November 2nd. Opening Reception Wednesday, October 16th 6-8pm.

For Erin Thibault-Morphy, earths natural beauty cannot be reproduced; rather than emulate her surroundings, she aims to capture a fleeting moment and the feeling that comes with it. Her paintings are loose and full of blended colour, capturing the effects [More Details]

New Worlds Emerge by Anjana Mhatre

Opening reception Saturday, September 28th from 3-5pm. On display September 24th-October 10th.

Born in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, Anjana now lives in the countryside of Ottawa, drawing inspiration from both city and nature. At first glance her work may seem purely abstract, with soft blended colour and sweeping brush strokes, however [More Details]