Maura, Kate

Kate Maura is an emerging mixed media artist based in Toronto, whose work is inspired by plein air drawing and wings, namely dragonfly and butterfly wings. She's drawn to weathered, frayed and torn wings that create unusual and beautiful shapes that tell a story. Look closely and you'll find them throughout her canvases, pieced together and blended to create unique and mysterious worlds of their own, sometimes recognizable and sometimes totally transformed. 

Kate has always found inspiration in nature, spending time canoeing and attending camps at Algonquin Park. Her art focuses on the natural world, blending her drawings with technology and digitization, layering natural imagery and colours to create a complex dream world on canvas. Once printed, she then layers paint atop the canvas as a finishing touch.

Memory plays a strong role in Kate's work as well. Every drawing of hers is an experience she collects and as she layers them digitally, they create "bundles" as she calls them. The process of layering is akin to synthesis, using both past (drawing and painting) and present (technology) ways of making. More traditional drawing and painting symbolize the wisdom and history from the past, while technology allows us to navigate the modern world. Synthesizing the two can give us a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 

“In difficult times you should always carry something beautiful in your mind.”  It's with this sentiment that Kate creates images that are beautiful and full of mystery, portraying that we are a part of something greater, something we may not understand, and allowing us to focus on the beauty in life.

Kate graduated from OCAD University in 2019 with distinction, awarded placement of her work in Mackenzie Investments Foyer for Inclusive Spaces and the Project 31.  Her work is currently represented in galleries and private collections across Ontario.