Collection: Mcininch, Mary

Santini Gallery | Soft Landing

Working with a wide variety of materials, Mary McIninch is drawn to the art of collage for the rich texture and patterns it offers. Pages of old books, vintage postcards, pressed leaves, sand, copper wire, and even paper she creates herself, are all items you might find intertwined in her artwork and layered with paint.

“Paper is full of unique characteristics in its texture, colour, lines and wrinkles. It absorbs and repels the paint, creating variations in design, adding an element of surprise to my process. I bury images, scrape into them, deconstruct, and re-apply paint as I work. I use sponges, palette knives, brayers and brushes. Sometimes the piece is mostly paint and sometimes it is mostly papers.”

Some of Mary’s work is purely abstract, about the mateirals, line, and pattern. Other pieces explore of vistas, in their various forms. Views of mountain ranges, skylines, lakes, and cloudy skies often appear.