Collection: Denise Lini

Santini Gallery | Reckless Abandon

Denise Lini’s loose, abstracted florals are filled with movement and drama. Sweeping strokes create hints of petals and foliage that come together with drips, splatters and textured paint.

For Denise, florals offer an endless variety of color, shape and movement. Each flower has its own story to tell. Most work begins from a photo taken on walks, though each piece takes on a direction of its own as she creates from her home studio in Oakville, ON. Often, the finished piece resembles something completely different than the initial source of inspiration. Bold  florals spill off the edges of her large scale canvases, creating an overwhelming sense of grandeur and beauty.

While florals are the focus of much of her work, it’s nature that drives her inspiration as a whole. “Having found painting later in life, creating uplifting work makes me feel as though I can leave something positive of myself on this earth.”