Casey, David

Using colour and drama in combination with fast and bold strokes, David imbues his paintings with energetic urgency, and life. His inspiration comes from the familiar and local landscape; he takes joy in finding beauty everywhere and translating it to canvas. By identifying and emphasizing key structural elements and placing less emphasis on other components, David selectively sculpts his compositions, bringing focus to a small sunny glade or a monumental mountain.

David was drawn to the landscape painting at an early age. His initial inspiration came from visiting the National Art Gallery as a child, where he would soaking the iconic masterpieces of the Group of Seven and Thom Thompson. While he has explored many genres, David’s desire to be part of this artistic heritage proved overwhelming. His work brings a cheerful, quirky and colourful interpretation to the tradition of Canadian landscape painting.

His current series of work focuses on lush florals inspired by Vanitas paintings of 16th & 17th century Europe. This series explores the tragic beauty of the life of a flower. Their ephemeral existence is as brief as it is beautiful.

David graduated from Carleton University with a degree in Art History and has studied under prominent Ottawa artists, including Gordon Harrison. His most commonly depicted landscapes include the Laurentians, Mont Tremblant, the Gatineau Hills, and McGregor Lake.

ARTWORK BY Casey, David