Mhatre, Anjana

Born in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai (Bombay, India), Anjana Mhatre finds inspiration from the rich culture, colours and diversity from where she grew up.  Now living in the countryside of Ottawa, Anjana draws from both cultures to inspire and create. Her work is full of contrast, reflecting these two places; hectic and calm, loud and quiet, vibrant and subdue.

Using vivid colours and mixed mediums, Anjana explores the emotions of past and present on canvas, reflected in movement and tone.  With faint hints of land and sky, she is particularly fascinated with the natural ecosystem. Anjana works on blending both natural and urban settings, creating complex abstract renderings of her environment and emotions. Cities in the distance, boats sailing in the ocean, a glicening lake, moody skies, all come to light the longer you observe her work, each person seeing something different. 

Anjana's work can be find in private collections across North America and is displayed in the United Nations Headquarters in New York, NY. Anjana lives and paints from her home studio in Ottawa, Ontario.